Our Services

We match you with the right funding opportunities

Have you experienced difficulties in finding a suitable financing opportunity in the ocean of available funding programmes? 

There are many financing schemes out there with different rules and regulations. Allocating a relevant financing instrument among the hundreds of available funding schemes can be an overwhelming and a time-consuming experience. 

We assess your organisation and your idea/project to match you with the right funding instruments, corresponding to your needs. 

We develop your funding proposals

Do you need assistance to create a competitive proposal for an EU or other funding programme?

With our extensive expertise in creating, writing and reviewing project proposals, we transform your ideas or advanced project concepts into success stories.

We help you to successfully implement your project

Have you experienced troubles with project coordination and reporting requirements with a previous or recently won project?

Our service allows you to outsource the riskiest part of the project implementation and helps you to secure timely and smooth project execution and reporting, in compliance with the requirements of the relevant financing authority.

We assist you to further develop your businesses and accelerate your success

Do you want to ensure a long-term sustainability of your business and open a new window of opportunities?

With a combination of dynamic coaching and business consulting methodologies, we can help you to: reorganise your business, increase sustainability and accelerate your growth. Following a top-down approach, our experienced coaches and consultants will develop a personalised programme for your organisation aimed at: creating synergies, increasing efficiency, combatting challenges and embracing change.